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“I don’t want to be the reason why you succeed; that will be all you. However, I do want to be one of the reasons why you will always believe you can.”

Mike A. Williams is a senior Information Technology professional, social entrepreneur, author and speaker whose personal core values and business interests center around community, leadership, and entrepreneurial empowerment.

A favorite among millennials and seasoned professionals alike, Mr. Williams leverages more than 30 years of mixed experience as a professional, entrepreneur and nonprofit founder to advise professionals, small business owners, and nonprofit organizations.

Williams, has used his talents and experience to author a two books: The Advantage Factor, which was written to help millennials cope with corporate America immediately out of college and Ready To Launch, a book and entrepreneur training program to educate aspiring minority business owners. Williams regularly speaks on topics covering millennials, STEM, community, leadership, and entrepreneurship.

Williams established Mike Williams Enterprises in 2016 as a holding company to centralize his social and business interests which includes a portfolio of non-profit and for profit companies he has founded and supports.


socially. responsibly. next.

Our communities should matter to all of us. We are committed to making ours better by thinking next!

topics included in book:

  • How to select a mentor and build a meaningful relationship
  • Learn how helping others actually advances your career
  • Build a network of champions and supporters
  • Say “YES” to projects outside your comfort zone
  • How to lead while contributing to team objectives
  • Leadership and Goal-setting
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