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Committed toDISRUPTIVEdevelopment and enablement.

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"Failure is just you learning how to succeed."

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Exposure is your first step to gaining experience.

About Me

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    Author and Speaker

    A published author, speaker, panelist, and moderator of topics that cover youth and millennial mentoring and leadership development.

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    An Information Technology (IT) executive and manager for leading Fortune 500 companies for over 28 years.

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    My business is my passion - helping aspiring young men and women grow personally and professionally.

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    I dedicate my time, treasures and talents to support worthy causes and enable great people with good ideas to do amazing things within their communities.

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100% of all proceeds are donated to the Thinknext Foundation to help amazing individuals and organizations to do great things within their communities.
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    Millennial Focused Enablement

    At over 25% of the U.S. population and roughly 60M of the U.S. workforce, millennials now represent the largest generation in U.S. history and the largest workforce. Millennials soon will be leading every facet of this nation. We are both committed and very passionate about doing our part in preparing them to lead.

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    Disruptive Initiative

    The days of traditional development and learning for the new generation of aspiring leaders have subsided to the age of the internet and social media; information is now at their figure tips. They were born and live in the time of disruptive digital transformation. Because of technology, millennials are now disruptive learners.

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    African-Americans own only 7% of all businesses across the U.S. We support activities and programs that promote entrepreneurship within urban communities.


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